Chalion Tractors Earn Trust From African Customers


In recent years, Chalion tractors have grown in presence in Africa. Chalion has participated in government bidding projects and aid projects many times and is also favored by African tractor dealers. Chalion tractors are known and recognized by more and more people. After winning the bid for the tractor project of an African customer, due to some reasons, he did not cooperate with the original supplier. Due to the need to re-select the tractor supplier, the delivery time is very tight. After getting to know us, contact us immediately. After we confirmed the quotation, immediately decided to cooperate with us. Due to time constraints, Chalion expedited production completed assembly, and finally shipped as scheduled. After receiving the goods, the customer said that Chalion wheeled tractors and hand plowing machine prices are also cheap. The quality is also high, the service is good, and they are satisfied!


Not long ago, Chalion received a farm implements and tractor implements list from this customer again, intending to carry out further cooperation. Chalion Tractors offers good-performing tractors at a reasonable and affordable price that is very affordable for the average farmer. We have wheeled tractors, crawler tractors, and walk-behind tractors, from 2wd to 4wd, with basic configurations and higher configurations to meet your various needs. Please contact us if necessary.