Chalion Corn Harvester

Chalion Corn harvester is an agricultural tool that uses machinery to harvest corn stalks according to agronomic requirements when the corn is mature or close to maturity. 8618236900192

Products Description

Suitable: Immature corn (green stalk)

Function: corn picking + peeling + corn straw cutted and chopped

Grain to be collected automatically and fell in down tray while peeling

Compact structure, small turning radius, is suitable for small farmland

It even can cross rows to collect the maize

High rate of peeling, less broken grain

The cutting effect is perfect

Named brand engine, enough power

Strong gearbox and reliable

Automatic lubrication system as optional

Air conditioner as optional

The clearing fan on conveyor as optiona



Corn harvester is an agricultural tool that uses machinery to harvest corn stalks according to agronomic requirements when the corn is mature or close to maturity.

Products Advantage

Strong power, high efficiency and high reliability

Yuchai high pressure common rail engine provides high torque reserves and strong power.

3+1 mechanical gearbox gives you more comfortable operation experience.

Strengthened fabricated threshing chamber recess plate gives a stronger threshing capability and thorough separation.

Comfortable and safe driving

Air-conditioned cab with ergonomics optimization design is featured with dust prevention, shock absorption, noise reduction and more comfortable driving.

Multi-functional mono-lever control, which is convenient and comfortable.

Hydraulic main clutch for more labor-saving operation.

Excellent performance and high operation efficiency

Tangential flow + horizontal axis flow threshing unit has stronger threshing ability with more thorough separation.

Rear-mounted free-swinging knife slaw cutter for good chopping effect and even scattering.

It can harvest corn, sorghum and other crops.

Upgraded items of the product

Upgraded horizontal axial flow drum provides stronger threshing capability and more thorough separation.

The vulnerable axis is improved with higher strength.

The grain bin is expanded for a longer operation time.

The beating chamber is transformed for several purposes.

Products Parameters

Main performance and technical specifications
Item Project Design Value
1 Model 4YZP-4D
2 Type Wheel self-propelled
3 Engine type YC4A
4 Engine Rated Power 160hp
5 Engine Rotary speed 2300rpm
6 Overall Weight 7260kg
7 Overall dimension 6930×2560×3340mm
8 Working rows 4
9 Working width 2340mm
10 Application row width 450-650mm
11 Cutting center distance 550mm
12 Max. unloading height 2150mm
13 Conveyor Structural style Chain scraper
14 Conveyor Max. Crossing altitude 3360mm
15 Min. Ground Clearance 300mm
16 Working speed 1.84~5.2km/h
17 Productivity 0.4~0.65hm²/h
18 Fuel consumption ≤30kg/hm²
19 Snapping roll/Board type Roll type
20 Snapping roll/Board type size Φ92*862mm
21 Stripping roller form Rubber Roller
22 stripping roller size Φ72*830mm
23 Qty of stripping rollers 20
24 Fan style Centrifugal
25 Fan Diameter 220mm
26 Grain Tank Volume 2000L
27 Grain Unloading type Hydraulic
28 Grain driving type Hydraulic cylinder
29 Stalks crusher Working width 2250mm
30 Stalks crusher Position Under picker head and middle machine
31 Gearshift method Mechanical
32 Drive Axle Type Mechanical Gearbox+Reduction of the loop Box
33 Drive Axle driving type Mechanical
34 Steering Type Power steering box
35 Steering Power mode Hydraulic
36 Brake Type Disc
37 Brake Power mode Hydraulic power assisted
38 Wheel Base 2930mm
39 Wheel Track (Guiding Wheel) 1640mm
40 Wheel Track (Driving Wheel) 1750mm
41 Tyre Size (Guiding Wheel) 10–15
42 Tyre Size (Driving Wheel) 15–24


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