High-quality Chalion 4LZ-1.1 Mini Rice Harvester Machine In Indonesia


Chalion 4LZ-1.1 is a crawler-riding rice harvester. It adopts a widened header to increase the feeding amount and working efficiency per hour. It can be easily harvested even in 40cm muddy fields. Some changes have also been made in the transmission system, and the header is lowered to easily harvest dwarf rice. At the same time, there are multiple gears to switch freely. The Chalion small rice harvesting machine can harvest crops in multiple scenarios such as lodging crops, deep water fields, dwarf rice fields, mountains and hills, etc., and can easily cope with harvesting in different environments. And the price of Chalion rice harvester is reasonable, the service quality is good, the quality is high, and the customer repurchase rate is high.


In recent years, Chalion rice machinery, rice milling machine, rice transplanter, and other agricultural machinery have been sold in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and other regions, and the price and quality are very popular among customers. If you need rice machinery, you can contact us at any time.