How To Properly Drive A Tractor On Muddy Ground


Today Chalion tells you the dos and don’ts of driving a farm tractor on muddy roads.

When a tractor passes through a muddy road, it should first choose a place with the firmer ground and less mud to pass. You can drive along the existing track, use medium or low speed, maintain enough power, try to overtake, and avoid shifting and parking in the middle.

When the tractor passes through the muddy road, if the tractor slips while driving, reduce the speed immediately, turn the steering wheel in the direction of the rear wheel sliding, correct the driving direction of the tractor, and avoid continuing to drive. When the front wheel is in the same direction as the body, continue to drive on the normal route.

When the tractor has a serious sideslip, keep calm, do not brake suddenly or twist the steering wheel to avoid accidents, brake slowly, and use in-situ materials such as tree technology, stones, etc. after the body has stopped stably. Pads are placed under the wheels to increase passing speed.

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