Why Do Tires Wear Differently On Both Sides Of The Tractor?


Many friends find that the two tires of the tractor wear differently after long-term use. Some friends even need to change the tractor tires again. Chalion tells you why different levels of wear and tear occur and how to prevent them.

The reason for the different tire wear is that the tractor is overloaded for a long time, and the sliding friction increases, which accelerates the tire wear. If the tire pressure on one side is low, it will cause faster wear. Then there is the asymmetry of the tractor-trailer towing tripod. According to the data, if the difference between the trailer tripods is 60 mm, the large tires on the short waist side will shorten the service life by 1/2, and the wear will also increase.


Therefore, when using, do not run overloaded for a long time, and try to make the air pressure on both sides of the tractor tires equal to reduce wear and tear. Also, measure if the tripod is isosceles. If it is not isosceles symmetry, the reason should be found out, and if necessary, the symmetrical tripod should be rebuilt.


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