How To Save Fuel By Tractor Farming


The fuel consumption of tractors is sometimes particularly severe. How to save fuel when a tractor is plowing the land, there are the following measures.

First of all, do a good job of technical maintenance before the tractor runs to ensure that the technical condition is good. Check whether the tractor tire pressure is too high or insufficient, which will increase the driving resistance and increase the bending consumption. The second is fair use. Whether it is a large tractor or a small tractor, it must be used reasonably. At the same time, according to soil moisture, timely operation. All kinds of soils have a corresponding humidity range, and the resistance is small. At this time, the cultivated land is the most suitable, and the consumption per mu is also low. Finally, operate reasonably and operate correctly. During the operation period, rationally plan the plot, arrange the driving route reasonably, and minimize the idle and changing time;


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